TRICOM Tactical Clinch & Edged Weapon Countermeasures Instructor Certifications

3322 S 300 E, South Salt Lake, 84115 3322 S 300 E, South Salt Lake, 84115, South Salt Lake, Utah

This course addresses extreme-close-quarter situations where you and a subject have ahold of one another in a physical struggle for control, positions that are commonly referred to as clinches. We will be addressing the pros and cons involved with common "clinch" techniques taught in combat sports, and how to modify […]


TRICOM Weapon Retention & Duty Knife as a Backup Weapon Instructor Certifications

Tricom Training Center 3322 S 300 E, South Salt Laake, 84115 3322 South 300 East, South Salt Lake, UT, United States

This 3 day course will encompass two separate certifications, WEAPON RETENTION and DUTY KNIFE AS A BACKUP WEAPON. These two topics have overlap as a knife can be utilized effectively as a weapon retention tool. Participants must attend the first 2 days be be certified as an Instructor in TRICOM […]