Effective Crime Scene Reporting: Documentation and Demonstratives- December 1st, 2021


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December 1st, 2021

Who should attend: This one-day fundamental seminar is designed for any sworn/civilian personnel involved in evidence recovery and preservation efforts. Presented materials and practical exercises are designed to strengthen your everyday and forensic reporting skills.

Crime scene documentation demands an elevated and often technical level of detail that goes beyond standard field reporting needs of statutory and Uniform Crime Reporting requirements. Forensic/Scientific focused documentation can counter memory recall challenges experienced by even the most seasoned crime scene investigators. Accurate reporting offsets media-fueled CSI effects which adversely impacts ensuing and often time-delayed trials.

The presented methodologies employed during your investigative efforts will allow for any crime lab analytical, reconstruction, case clearance, and ultimately courtroom needs. Simultaneously, your personal and your agency’s professional reputation will be enhanced.