5 Day (40 Hour) Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Course

5 Day (40 Hour) Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Course

5 Day (40 Hour) Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course NICP CPTED Professional Designation Qualifying Course April 24 – 28, 2023 CPTED strategies are ideal for Law Enforcement Officers, Architects, City/Urban/Park Planners, City Managers, City Council Members, Landscape Architects, Security Consultants, Educators or anyone involved in designing neighborhoods, schools,

GRAMA Training For Law Enforcement Personnel

This class covers selected basic points in the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) with emphasis on law enforcement records. Class is intended for law enforcement records officers and personnel, but all records officers are welcome. This class will be taught by Rebekkah Shaw, Executive Secretary of the State

Utah Case Law – Street Cop Training

Utah Case Law – Street Cop Training

The days of police officers relying on “what we’ve heard” and leaning on “we’ve always done it that way” are over! Police officers must know what the courts have deemed acceptable procedure in order to perform their duties in a constitutionally compliant manner in today’s modern policing. Having an in-depth

Basic Field Training Officer Certification Course

Basic Field Training Officer Certification Course

The National Association of Field Training Officers continues preparing your Field Training Unit for the challenges of 21st century policing by providing comprehensive and client-oriented curriculum. NAFTO, in conjunction with the Maumee Police Department, is proud to offer our Basic Field Training Officer Certification Course in Herriman, UT, a 25-minute

Countermeasures Advanced Observer/Marksman

COURSE DESCRIPTION This five day advanced course provides the law enforcement observer/marksman with detailed instruction and realistic live fire field exercises on the fundamentals and principles of advanced rifle marksmanship and advanced employment techniques of the observer/marksman. Moving targets, “snaps”, live fire “stalk”, hostage scenarios using 3D moving targets requiring

De-Escalation Training

8 hour De-escalation training hosted by Mapleton Police Department Contact Lt. Phillip Bringhurst 801-489-9668 to sign up. Training will be held at 305 North Main, Mapleton

Advanced Public Safety Peer Support

This 2-day course covers basic and advanced topics for setting up, managing, and operating an effective Peer Support Program within public safety agencies. Attendees will acquire knowledge, gain confidence, be better prepared for crisis, and find greater support. To register for this course, use this link https://www.frfirst.com/courses/

Basic Death Investigation & Crime Scene Management

The “Basic Death Investigation” course provided by Death Investigation 101 LLC consists of introductory information regarding the process of investigating death scenes, learning to recognize key indicators at the scene, information gathering, and protocol. The class is presented with power point presentation (All Rights Reserved), interactive class discussion, verbal group

EPIC Jetway Training

This is the basic course of instruction that covers the fundamental principles of methods and techniques involved in criminal interdiction for transportation interdiction officers. Topics covered: Interdiction at commercial and small airports, bus and train stations, hotels and motels, and at parcel facilities. Instruction also covers airport ramp check and