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Different than talk therapy, Brainspotting is a form of brain-body-based processing using a fixed-eye position to locate the source of an underlying trauma or emotional event One-of-a-kind training for Police, Peer Support, Police Social Workers & Police Psychologists Trauma is part of the job for law-enforcement, firefighters and EMS. From


SRO- The Basics (with special guest speaker Natalie Castro speaking on Autism)

10000 S. Centennial Pkwy, Sandy City 10000 S. Centennial Pkwy, Sandy

This 2-day course is taught from over 28 yrs. LEO/SRO experience and will provide officers the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a competent SRO in the school environment. Being an SRO is much more than just moving a police officer from a patrol position to inside a school